Dnia 16 czerwca (piątek) o godzinie 10:15, w sali B2.38 odbędzie się seminarium, na którym zostanie wygłoszony referat pt.:

„Analysing Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Air Showers with GRANDProto300”

Referuje: dr Pragati Mitra (IFD UW)

Detecting Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECR) and Neutrinos through radio detection is a mature technique that offers a promising avenue for highly inclined air showers. The GRANDProto300 (GP300) array is a pathfinder for the Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection (GRAND) project, which will be deployed at a remote mountain site in the Gobi desert, China. Serving as a test bench, the GP300 array is expected to pioneer techniques of autonomous radio detection including identification and reconstruction of nearly horizontal cosmic-ray air showers and shed light on understanding the ‚transition region’ from the galactic to extragalactic cosmic-ray sources. In this seminar, we will explore the prospects of studying air shower parameters with radio technique, then look into the ongoing analysis efforts including offline signal identification and shower reconstruction.

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dr hab. Katarzyna Grzelak
prof. dr hab. Jan Królikowski
prof. dr hab. Aleksander Filip Żarnecki