Dnia 26 marca (piątek) o godzinie 10:15, odbędzie się seminarium, na którym zostanie wygłoszony referat pt.:

„The KATRIN experiment: neutrino mass measurements with sub-eV sensitivity and future prospects”

Referuje: Dr. Alexey Lokhov (University of Muenster)

Arlsruhe TRItium Neutrino experiment (KATRIN) is searching for the signature of the neutrino mass in the endpoint region of the tritium beta-decay spectrum. KATRIN combines a high-intensity gaseous molecular tritium source with a high-resolution spectroscopy using electrostatic filter with magnetic adiabatic collimation to reach the target neutrino-mass sensitivity of 0.2 eV/c2, improving on the previous measurements by an order of magnitude. With the first science run of KATRIN the previous neutrino mass bounds were improved by a factor of two, with the first upper limit of 1.1 eV/c2 (90% CL).

In this talk an overview of the KATRIN experiment and its very recent results are presented. Our preliminary new results reaching a sub-eV neutrino-mass sensitivity based on the whole 2019 data-set will be discussed. In addition, the talk reports on the KATRIN exploration of interesting BSM physics cases and closes with an outlook on the future prospects of KATRIN.

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dr hab. Katarzyna Grzelak
prof. dr hab. Jan Królikowski
prof. dr hab. Aleksander Filip Żarnecki

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