Dnia 23 kwietnia (piątek) o godzinie 10:15, odbędzie się seminarium, na którym zostanie wygłoszony referat pt.:

„Test of Lepton Flavour Universality at LHCb”

Referuje: dr. Wojciech Krzemień  (NCBJ)

The Standard Model of particle physics assumes that the interactions of the three charged leptons differ only because of their mass differences. Any deviation from this Lepton Universality Principle would suggest new kind of interactions or particles beyond the Standard Model.

Precision tests of lepton universality have been performed over the years by many experiments.

The recent studies of the LHCb experiment indicate evidence for the breaking of lepton universality in beauty-quark decays, with a statistical significance of 3.1 standard deviations.

In the talk the last results from the LHCb will be discussed in the context of previous and future measurements.

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dr hab. Katarzyna Grzelak
prof. dr hab. Jan Królikowski
prof. dr hab. Aleksander Filip Żarnecki

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