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The NOvA Experiment and Neutrino Oscillations

Referuje: Dr Tomas Nosek (NCBJ)


NOvA is a two detector long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment using Fermilab’s 700 kW NuMI neutrino beam. It studies the disappearance of muon (anti)neutrinos and the appearance of electron (anti)neutrinos in the beam over a distance of 810 km between the detectors.
The experiment has made over 4σ-significant observation of electron antineutrino appearance in muon antineutrino beam and constrained the oscillation parameters |∆m2 32|, sin2 θ23, and δCP. In this seminar, I will present the main features of the NOvA experimental setup and the neutrino oscillation analysis within the standard paradigm of three neutrinos mixing. I will point out the key differences to the similar T2K experiment and its complementarity. I will review the 2020 results of NOvA and T2K and remind the potential of their combined analysis, which has the power to break the degeneracies of the individual measurements. By continuing to collect data before the dawn of next-generation long-baseline experiments in the late 2020s, the statistical uncertainty will be reduced, and certain physics milestones might be within reach. To that end, it is vital to understand the major sources of systematic uncertainties and their correlations for both the interpretation and precision of the results and for further improvements of the analyses.

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