Dnia 20 października (piątek) o godzinie 10:15, w sali B2.38 odbędzie się seminarium, na którym zostanie wygłoszony referat pt.:

„Physics at a muon collider”

Referuje: mgr Krzysztof Mękała (IFD UW)

Among future collider proposals, the idea of building a muon collider has recently been getting more and more attention. As a concept combining the advantages of electron-positron and hadron machines, a muon collider is an ideal candidate for the future large-scale project for particle physics.

Nevertheless, for a long time, the completion of the project has been perceived as being technically unattainable due to the finite lifetime of a muon. However, in recent reports, no insurmountable technological issues have been identified and vivid discussion of the physics potential of such a machine has restarted. In my talk, I will outline the technical concept, demonstrating why the machine seems to be so appealing despite several outstanding technological challenges and I will explain what kind of new physics could be measured at a multi-TeV muon collider.

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